The Christmas Invasion- The Best Episode of Series 2

2.0 Christmas Special.

This episode is the first full episode where we see the Tenth incarnation of the Doctor. Though, he’s not conscious for the majority of it.

This is the first time we see Rose having to fend for herself, without the aid of the Doctor. And, we see how basically hopeless she is. Though she grows through out the series to be a capable and competent companion, in this special, she’s really just a distraught mess. This is why we love her, she truly is human.

Then the Doctor, in pajamas (that aren’t even his), awakes by the smell of tea, realizes he’s not ginger, tastes some blood, pushes big buttons, quotes Lion King, grows a new hand and duels a Sycorax leader. But, more importantly, he finds fruit in his dressing gown and throws it at a button and wins the duel.

28 Jul 2011 - 27 notes
27 notes
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